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Do I Have a Bully Buddy in My Brain? Curriculum

Can we help the child understand the whole of thinking, technological knowledge as well as knowledge that has entered the field of relationship...knowledge that has created social ills, knowledge that has created conflicting solutions to solve the problems knowledge has created?

from Brave New Child: Education for the 21st Century

Do I Have a Bully Buddy in My Brain? Curriculum

An 8-Week Course

This curriculum may be the most important of all! These days, in a world with lots of threats – sometimes the threats we experience are imagined! They may not be real at all! They are only images but we may think they are real and become afraid and want to protect ourselves.

Can you think of a time you felt threatened or frightened, and the threat turned out to be not real? Maybe you watched a TV show and later that night, you imagined someone was breaking into your house. Has that happened to you?

It’s important to be able to tell a real threat from an imagined threat. Can you do it? How do we learn to tell the difference between a real threat and one that lives only in our imagination? How do we SEE – in the moment – when an image is not real?